Balance Board | WOBBEL Original | Transparent Lacquer without Felt


    The Wobbel Original with transparent lacquer, without felt, merges timeless elegance and superior craftsmanship.

    Made from the finest European beech wood and coated with transparent lacquer, it highlights the natural beauty and texture of the wood. Material: FSC-certified beech and CE marked.

    This eco-friendly choice enhances balance, strength, and coordination in both children and adults.

    Designed for active play, creativity, relaxation, and even as a stylish home decor element.

    The Wobbel Original is suitable for exercises, yoga, or as a unique interior decoration, supporting an active and healthy lifestyle while seamlessly fitting into any interior.

    Please read the instructions and warnings before use, which can be found here.

    Dimensions Wobbel Original:  ca. 90 x 30 centimeters
    Weight Wobbel Original: ca. 4,5 kilograms
    Age Range Wobbel Original: 0 to 100 years
    Weight Limit: Up to 200 kilograms

    The Wobbel is a durable wooden curved board for both children and adults. Reinventing the traditional Waldorf arch board, it is designed for robustness and beauty. Children are naturally drawn to rocking with it in various ways, promoting strength, balancing skills, and confidence. Beyond a rocker board, the Wobbel serves as a bridge, roof, chair, or step in imaginative play, growing with your child from gentle rocking to active play with toys and as a base for other creative uses.

    Constructed from layers of European FSC certified beech wood, pressed under high pressure to form its curve, these boards are extremely strong, supporting up to 200Kg. Made in Belgium and finished in the Netherlands, Wobbel boards are a testament to natural and sustainable materials’ strength and beauty.

    Suitable from 0+ months for all ages, adults included, for enhancing core muscle strength and balance skills. CE certified for safety up to 200Kg, intended for use by one child at a time during rocking.

    Safety advice includes adult supervision, avoiding socks or smooth shoes to prevent slipping, and ensuring clear space around the Wobbel for safe play.

    Wobbel cards
    Now also available in a version that you can color yourself. You can download these here.

    The Wobbel cards set has been expanded. Now with 8 new cards.

    With these 24 cards we invite large and small people to play and move together on and with the Wobbel.

    Choose a series of cards every week for inspiration. For example four of the same color or one of each color. Give this a nice place at home. Or play a game!

    There are 6 sets of cards, a manual and an extra memory game. All in one file. Print them on nice thick paper and cut them out.

    Have fun!

       Downloads: English

    The copyright of these cards lies with Wobbel BV. The idea, design and texts may not be copied.

    These cards are not intended for sale.

    Always use the cards and the Wobbel board under parental guidance. See bother the manual of the cards and the Wobbel for further instructions.

    Wobbel Original Transparent Lacquer Balance Board

    Wobbel Story

    Balance Through Play

    The story of Wobbel begins in the Netherlands, where two fathers, inspired by Waldorf education philosophy and wanting to create something special for their children, conceived the idea of a balance board. These boards were designed not just as a toy for children that promotes physical development and balance but also as an item that could seamlessly integrate into the modern home’s interior due to its stylish design.

    A key moment in Wobbel’s history was their emphasis on sustainability, using high-quality European wood certified by FSC and natural materials for finishing. This underscored their commitment not only to provide a tool for fun and development for children but also to do so with consideration for our planet’s future.

    Over time, Wobbel became popular not just among children but also adults, thanks to its fitness and relaxation capabilities. Wobbel evolved into a multifunctional item that can be used for active play and exercises, as well as for meditation or simply as a decor element.

    Thus, Wobbel is an example of how a simple idea can transform into a global product that not only brings joy and benefits to children and adults worldwide but also does so with respect for the environment.

    Wobbel Original Transparent Lacquer Balance Board

    Made in the Netherlands

    Weight 4.5 kg


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    Balance Board | WOBBEL Original | Transparent Lacquer without Felt