Coloring Cardboard Playhouse BIBALINA


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Coloring Cardboard Playhouse BIBALINA


✅ EASY TO ASSEMBLE Takes about 3-5 minutes to put together and 3-5 minutes to take it down. Good cuts and only 6 big pieces make it easy to assemble. It is huge, but can be disassembled, and slid under a bed, or the back of a closet

✅ KEY FEATURES Comes with stickers to decorate it! Made from thick durable pine cardboard. Features door, 2 windows shutters to open and close and chimney on top. Learn while playing – coloring alphabet, digits, nature objects. For 3-year-old kids and up. Big enough 750х1100х980mm

✅ STURDY & INTEGRITY Well-made – thick and strong corrugated very high-quality durable 3-layers cardboard with rounded edges for safety play. A thick step of cardboard at the bottom for better durability. Very sturdy for lots of play. After lots of putting away not getting flimsier. Very steady for long term usage

✅ FUN TO LEARN Comes with stickers to decorate it! Provides hours of entertainment – learn ABC, digits, and nature while coloring it. Fun for the whole family while coloring this house with your children. Full of light inside. One can color it with crayons, dot markers, markers, colored pencils, or paints. Keeping attention for enough time to recommend to any parent. Kids love it both to color and to sleep in / hide and play with friends

✅ GUARANTEE Use it once, and we guarantee you will be happy with our product.

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Coloring Cardboard Playhouse BIBALINA

Coloring Cardboard Playhouse BIBALINA

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 74 × 100 × 3 cm


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Age 3+ year
Manufacturer BibaLina
Material Cardboard
Warranty Yes
The dimensions 750х1100х980mm