Leather winter ankle boots | Ponte20 | DA03-1-437


Leather winter ankle boots | Ponte20 | DA03-1-437
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  • Ponte20 from D.D.Step shoes are orthopedic shoes made of genuine leather that meet the aspects necessary for the development of the child.
  • Velcro adjustable inside and out boots are made of leather with a warm insole.
  • Winter boots have a cozy and warm natural wool lining.
  • Meet orthopedic requirements.
  • With the correction lift of the heel bone, it can prevent scoliosis, tension, and injuries of the knee ligaments. Recommended for children with knock-knee and/or pronated foot.
  • The sole of the shoes is tilted from the inside out with 5 mm, and this will gently force the bones in the children’s feet into a straight position.
  • The front of the shoes and heels are reinforced to help maintain the correct position of the growing foot.
  • Shoes provide stable ankle support.
  • Recommended mainly for normal / wide feet.
  • Strong and flexible sole for shoes – provides strong support to the foot. Extra toe protection.
  • The sole of the shoe is made of natural rubber.
  • The insoles are removable, so they can be cleaned and dried to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the footwear on the inside. The removable insoles are made of leather.
  • D.D.Step&Ponte20 is one of the most popular children’s shoe brands in Hungary. For almost 40 years, D.D.Step&Ponte20 has been producing high-quality shoes at affordable prices.
  • The most important thing that is emphasized when creating D.D.Step&Ponte20 shoes are the well-being and health of children. A lot of attention is paid to quality, so all shoes are made only of genuine leather, but the soles are rubber, which not only does not allow the shoes to move with the foot but also ensures durability.
  • An excellent choice for those who take care that the baby’s legs develop correctly.
  • We recommend that you treat your shoes with D.D.Step Rain and Stain protector before using them to make the shoes more waterproof and prevent contamination. You can find the care products here.
  • Delivery: 2-3 business days within Estonia
  • Delivery: 5-7 business days to Finland
  • Delivery: 7-14 business days to other countries


Leather kids’ shoes PONTE20 DA03-1-437 for boys

We recommend For normal / wide foot
Upper Leather
Lining Leather
Insole Leather


Leather kids' shoes PONTE20 DA03-1-437 for boys




Shoes with heels outwards. Tilting the insole of the footwear outwards to bring the axis of the child’s heel and tibia to an optimal position, thus preventing the formation of the X foot and the child’s foot pain while walking, thus preventing sagging of the longitudinal arch, spinal distortion, tension of the knee ligaments and injury. Its technological advancement makes the supinated shoe unnoticeable from the “normal” shoe, as the 5mm supination is placed inside the sole.


Winter boots have a cozy and warm natural wool lining.


The role of shoes in comfort and foot health is very important. That is why we manufacture our products from genuine leather of the highest quality, which provides an excellent sense of comfort and softness. Part of the required thickness is carefully selected from the first-class cow skin, from which, at the end of the production process, the most perfect children’s shoes are made. We strive to ensure that the parts in contact with the skin of the child are made only of natural materials.


The sole of the shoe is made of natural rubber. This ensures long-term shoes. The sole with enhanced protection of the toes is not amenable to physical influences, does not slip. The shoes are lightweight, at the same time flexible, providing a natural movement.


Anti-vibration comfortable insole reduces the load on children’s legs. The base of the insole is equipped with an instep support and in the part of the heel with a ball that reduces vibration, while reducing strokes when walking, running, jumping.

Leather kids’ shoes PONTE20 DA03-1-437 for boys


Our shoes are comfortable and flexible. They are made with reinforced protection on the nose and heel, they hold the foot well. Thanks to their anatomically correct design, they allow natural movement.

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Ponte20 Shoes Size Guide

  • The data in the size chart does not indicate the total insole / shoe length, but the child’s foot size.
  • There is no need to add another 5-7 millimeters to the insole length, the recommended size indicates the ideal shoe size.
  • For example: child's sole length: 152 mm - recommended size: 25.
Child's foot length (mm)Recommended
Shoe Size